Tuesday, June 11, 2013

An Inspirational Style: Miroslava Duma

People can look very stylish by only wearing jeans and t-shirt. However, when they wear clothes which are extraordinary, it is something more inspirational for me. This is why I like looking at fashion week street style pictures. You can always find inspiration on them. One of these inspirational things is, of course, Miroslava Duma's style. 

It is really obvious that she enjoys while dressing. She always prefers to wear colorful clothes, which I like most. Besides wearing matchy matchy things, she is very good at combining different pieces as well. Also, her accessories are really gorgeous. All in all, she looks so elegant and stylish.

I really like every single piece she wears but this CĂ©line coat is one of my favourites. Here you can see almost the same one on Christine Centenera.

 Despite not being a tall woman, by choosing the right clothes she looks like a model. Not only the way she dresses, I like her hair style as well. It contributes to her elegant look. Since she has a small face, I think short hair is a really right choice.

Hope you also like Miroslava Duma's style.


  1. yeah, she's awesome


  2. Really good post! I love her style! She is super stylish and at the same time modern and irreverent!! =D

    Big kiss,

  3. great post ;)