Friday, June 13, 2014

Men's Collection - Why Not?

Sometimes women departments are just not enough for me. I have too much difficulty finding what I'm really looking for. Especially when I'm looking for oversized knits, sweatshirts and t-shirts. However, this problem of mine helped me discover a really nice way: Wearing from men's department. This tendency started with attention-
grabbing clothes that I like, and continued with finding the clothes that I was exactly looking for, in men's department more than women's, and now it's a habit that I can never quit.
 Actually this trend started appearing with boyfriend jeans trend but women no longer buy boyfriend jeans from men's section, they are available in women's already. And as you may understand, this is not exactly what I'm talking about,what I mean is wearing clothes from men's section. The best part of it is when you go and buy something from men's section, combining it with the clothes which are the most basic pieces of women's. This will help you create a really new and original style.